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Spring and Summer Activities Roundup

This spring and summer flew by- with the group participating in a variety of activities to shed light on human rights, here in the US and abroad. Here are some of the actions our group members participated in! A few years ago, the group took on the Saturday Mothers in Turkey as a case commitment following the Turkish government’s crackdown on their peaceful gatherings. Unfortunately, in March, the judge denied a request to drop the charges of 46 individuals who were charged with participating in an “illegal meeting” at the 700 th  gathering in August 2018. Josh organized the group in writing a solidarity letter, with Yavuz’s help translating, to show our support for their work during this difficult time. You can learn more about the Saturday Mothers case here: Vera and Susan got to ‘twist and shout’ AND get some signatures on petitions while tabling at the Paul McCartney concert at PNC in May! Following the Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Healt
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Winter Activities Roundup

With Covid cases on the rise this winter, it was difficult to do in-person events, like tabling, but our group remained committed to human rights work. Here are some highlights from this past winter!  The group ended 2021 with our annual Write for Rights effort. We did not yet feel comfortable hosting our normal W4R party, so we individually made efforts to write the letters and reach out to our friends and family for help. We, with the help of our community, wrote 327 letters for the W4R effort. It’ll be hard to top it in 2022, but we will certainly try!  In early March, the group was officially voted into the North Carolina Coalition for Alternatives to the Death Penalty! We are happy to be joining state-wide efforts to dismantle the death penalty. See NCCADP’s website for more information:  Our group members also joined local events to spotlight human rights abuses. Solidarity Beyond the Walls held an event on Prisoner Abolitionist Community Building on UNC’s camp

Raleigh Group 213 Celebrates 40 Years!

The ad placed in the Raleigh News & Observer Our Amnesty International Local Group 213 is celebrating its 40 year anniversary this year. Started in 1981 by Raleigh residents concerned about human rights, the group has changed over the decades, but the mission has always stayed the same- to fight injustice and help create a world where human rights are enjoyed by all. "Better to light one candle than to curse the darkness."

Fall Activities Roundup

This fall our group has been keeping busy with community events. Below are some highlights! September Rhythm and Rights- Ani DiFranco Concert  Josh and Margaret tabled the Ani DiFranco concert in Graham, NC. They  were happy to find the crowd very enthusiastic about the petitions and human rights. October Peace Booth at the NC State Fair Our local group proudly volunteers every year with the Peace Booth at the NC State Fair. This year was the Peace Booth's 71st year at the fair, and we were happy to continue our support by engaging with fair goers about petitions for Voting Rights and Supporting Homeless Veterans. More information on the Peace Booth can be found at their website here: November Rhythm and Rights- Anti-Flag Concert  Preston and Kristin attended the Anti-Flag show at Cat's Cradle this November and  had a great time engaging with the concert goers about the petitions and listening to great music. Ongoing The weekly Death Penalty Vi